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IPL Laser Hair Removal Services Now Available At Affordable Rates

IPL laser Hair Removal Services Now Available at Affordable Rates

Broadbeach’s leading cosmetic clinic, Eraze Laser Clinic, now unveils its most advanced laser hair removal services to the residents of Broadbeach and Mermaid Beach. These services are totally at par with the regulated guidelines and can be availed at extremely competitive prices. All Eraze technicians are highly qualified and experienced in this industry. They are extremely thorough and have carried out of hair removal sessions for a large number of people so they know their work inside-out.

This hair removal clinic uses the most high-tech tools and equipment to make the laser hair removal process a quick and pain free procedure.

Some people may still have concerns whether laser hair removal option is safe. This technology has come a long way and many of the issues have been rectified. With recent advancements we are now able to treat all skin types. Eraze laser clinic have the safest, most advanced machines and will always carry out mandatory tests on all clients before treatment to prevent any problems.

Techniques such as waxing, trimming, shaving, electrolysis and other temporary hair removal means are still common. However, laser hair removal is the most superior method. While other methods cause a lot of pain, laser treatment on the other hand, is now pain-free. Moreover, IPL  laser treatment offers a permanent solution to the problem of excessive hair. No other hair removal method provides a long lasting solution the way laser does.

IPL Laser Hair Removal basically work by concentrating a high intensity beam of light on a small surface area of the skin which targets the hair follicle from the inside and thus prevents the growth of hair in that area. These medical grade machines cause no harm to the skin cells. The team at Eraze, makes use of the most advanced medical hair removal equipment i.e. Cryo Broadlight or CBL for this purpose. This machine is one of the best in the entire industry and it makes hair removal treatment a smooth and pain free process.

There is a common misconception that IPL laser treatment for hair is expensive. However, that’s not true when you compare to every single other method that needs to be continued for the rest of your life.