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The Gold Coast's PicoWay Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists

At Eraze Laser Clinic Gold Coast, we are always at the forefront of the latest technology for Gold Coast tattoo removal which is why we have chosen PicoWay® to join our Italian Quanta Q Plus C. These are an elite selection of the best removal process the world has to offer in tattoo removal lasers. We are the only clinic in Australia to house these two exceptional lasers, no other clinic in Queensland compares. When it comes to advanced Pico technology, the PicoWay® is one of the most innovative lasers on the market today. PicoWay® has been developed by world renowned American company Syneron Candela.

Gold Coast Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal

The gold coast’s latest breakthrough in laser, Picosecond technology allows the laser to go in and out of the skin at a remarkably faster rate than the Q Plus C’s Q-Switch laser, which until now was the first choice for laser within the tattoo removal and skin treatment industry. Picosecond technology goes in and out of the skin in an astounding one trillionth of a second. This faster rate causes the ink to break down into significantly smaller fragments, allowing the body to digest these particles faster.

The PicoWay laser has a number of advantages for tattoo removal:

  • It is the most effective laser procedure on the market for removing black and red tattoo ink pigment.
  • With the choice of multiple Picosecond wavelengths, including the brand new 730nm boasting the lowest ever 250 picosecond wavelength. Eraze is the first and currently the only clinic in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast QLD with this exciting new wavelength which allows us to treat the most difficult blues, green & purple inks even on dark skin like no other laser in the world. We are blown away with results from this wavelength seeing how it annihilates these stubborn colours more than twice as effectively on the area as our old ruby laser which once was our pride & joy.
  • It can reduce the laser tattoo removal treatment time by 50% compared to ordinary lasers. It is distinctly more powerful, and can therefore remove tattoos that others have given up removing.


If you have a very stubborn tattoo, or you just want to get rid of your old tattoo as soon as possible on the Gold Coast, Eraze Laser Clinic has the solution.

A laser that’s gentle on the skin despite its strength

PicoWay is in the absolute top class when it comes to tattoo removal treatment. This star device uses the latest, most advanced laser technology on the global market, which among many things, helps to reduce the treatment time to fully get your tattoo ink removed.

PicoWay® laser technology allows us to remove any color of a tattoo, anywhere on the body. The pressure wave technology of a picosecond laser also leaves the skin with less discomfort during removal and following treatment. This allows us to offer better results and a better experience for our clients. With this world class equipment combined with our unsurpassed skill and experience, we are able to safely reach the ink in the deeper layers, even after the tattoo has faded, which standard lasers and inexperienced operators tend to leave behind. In other words, you are guaranteed a faster removal and less hassle.

Despite the strength of the laser, the risk during treatment is still minimal. Therefore the laser is gentle on your skin, due to the remarkably short duration you are exposed to the light. The reason for this is in the type of laser Picoway uses in their machines. They use what is classified as a real photoacoustic laser which relies on differential thermoelastic expansion with nonionizing electromagnetic waves[1]. In layman terms, the tattoo removal process is short and highly accurate for the least possible discomfort.

For additional safety and to help minimise discomfort, we have invested in a dedicated Zimmer cooling system to keep the skin temperature down during the tattoo removing treatment. Our Zimmer cooling system can reach as low as minus 50℃ to freeze the skin in seconds, making it much more effective in comparison with other common cooling methods and in turn aiming to reduce the risk of thermal injury.

Our Business Is Getting Tattoo's Removed

Eraze Laser Clinic is the Gold Coast's premier laser tattoo removal treatment provider

We established Eraze Laser Clinic in August 2014 to provide a professional, safe, specialist tattoo removal service as we saw the need for it in Queensland. We have performed thousands of successful tattoo removal treatments on happy clients from all over the Gold Coast and other parts of the state and country. At Eraze the people who own the business run the business. That means we care just as much about your final results as you do.

Our secret to successful tattoo removal

Yes we use all of the most reputable, highest quality tattoo removal lasers, but what’s our real secret? One word – Nate. With a passion for treatment excellence and a love for his work, Nate has a technical mind and a natural understanding in skin and the workings of lasers. He has such a flair for tattoo removal, a talent that is rarely seen. Think of it like a builder. In the hands of an unskilled builder, even the highest quality tools can’t be expected to produce good work. We regularly post examples of our work on social media to keep you informed and updated. You will find that every before & after, progress pic and video that we put up has all been done by the same person and you can be confident in knowing that this is the person who will be performing your treatment when you come to Eraze for laser tattoo removal. Beware of operators using generic before & afters or manufactures examples. There’s no point in seeing an example of work that someone else has done!

We are passionate about tattoo removal treatments and committed to providing you the latest techniques, procedures and professional advice. We are laser tattoo removing specialists in ensuring that your safety, comfort and results are delivered in a completely professional manner.

Remove That Tattoo Today With Our Treatment Process

Real clients treated right here on the Gold Coast at our Surfers Paradise laser clinic

Laser Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos

Real visual results from our clients while having their tattoo’s treated by laser. While every tattooed removed is different we get consistent top results again and again, which is why we come so highly recommend on the Gold Coast. To see countless examples of our before & afters check out our “RESULTS” portfolio!

laser tattoo removal by eraze

tattoo removal gold coast

Note: Results of tattoo’s being removed is a very individual experience and consult is recommended so you know what is a realistic result for you skin and tattoo ink type

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Tattoo Removal

    Best Laser Tattoo Removal Gold Coast

    Removing any tattoo is a very personalised process where factors, such as: ink colour, size, skin type play a large part in the type of process we use and the estimated time it may take to treat the area of skin. We recommend booking a tattoo removal consultation with one of our technicans in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast for an accurate quote. You will be glad to know you can pay as you go as well.

    laser tattoo removal by erazeAs much as we don’t like to over promise because getting a tattoo removed is a case by case basis, we can say we have had a lot of success with removing all types of coloured tattoos, including prison style tattoos with our laser treatments. We recommend you make a booking for a proper consultation before giving up hope we think you will be extremely happy with the outcome.

    With the lastest technology laser machines we have at our Gold Coast clinic, having your tattoo removed isn’t as big a deal as it once was.  While getting laser tattoo removal can cause some discomfort, odds are it won’t hurt as much as getting the tattoo. For comparison Tattoo removal pain is similar to sunburn, and the laser pulses feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Uncomfortable, yes, but well below most peoples pain tolerance. Watch the videos we have of other clinics getting their treatment and please book in for a consultation so you have all the facts, process and realistic expectations.

    Tattoo laser removal Gold Coast


    Results will vary, we suggest booking a consultation to learn about the specifics of your tattoo and the type of results you will experience based on our tattoo removal expertise.

    The tattoo removal process use powerful lasers  to break down the tattoo ink pigments. The ink solids are broken down into particles small enough to be filtered and processed out by the body’s immune system. However, as strong as these lasers may be, tattoo removal technically never makes a design disappear 100 percent due to the makeup of tattoo ink. However in most cases, we can deliver excellent results which to the naked eye will appear completely gone. Making tattoo removal on the Gold Coast a much better option than surgical removal.

    Yes we can remove black ink and every other coloured tattoo ink with our unique laser treatments. However, every person and skin type is a little different and results can vary. We recommend a consultation first so the process is fully explained and realistic expectations are set.  As a general guide even the hardest tattoo ink colours (on fair skin) we manage to remove 80-90 percent of the colour in clinical terms and for most clients they consider this visually a successful laser treatment.