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Why IPL Laser Hair Removal Is A Better Option?

Why IPL Laser Hair Removal Is A Better Option?

Waxing is painful and messy, plucking hurts, shaving or tweezing is worse as razors give you unsightly stubble. Then there are various creams which smell funny, often cause allergic reactions, dry out or burn your skin. Thus, if you are factually tired of these traditional hair removal techniques, then IPL laser hair removal is the right option to consider. This technique is relatively a new one that’s utilized to remove your unwanted hair. The main principle involved in this procedure is intense pulsed light. The process is not harmful, will not cause you any pain nor has collateral undesired effects and this makes it suitable for almost anyone.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

IPL Laser treatment is extremely safe, the laser light emitted penetrates the skin and then it enters the hair follicle. Thus, in turn the laser light succeeds in destroying the hair follicle, making it impossible to grow hair gain. However, it can be risky in inexperienced hands. Permanent changes to skin color, burns, and scars can also occur. Moreover, on darker complexions unsightly scarring can occur. If you possess the apt skin type as well as hair color and a disposable income, you might find your hair removal aid in laser therapy.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

In general it does not hurt too much. However, the level of discomfort mainly relies on the treated area, your skin type and the hair texture as well. Darker skin individuals are extremely sensitive as they possess more pigment both in their hair and skin. Thus, if you have coarse and dark hair then you might experience a bit more discomfort.

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

The cost of the hair removal treatment depends on the complexity, size and various other factors of the area to be treated. In general, the cost for treating single area might range from $40 to $250.

Are there possible side effects of IPL Hair Removal?

The most common possible side effects are very minor and can last for 2 to 3 days. The effects include; redness, discomfort and swelling. Other possible side effects are extremely rare and might include; infections, blistering, darkening, herpes simplex outbreaks but only on those who are susceptible.