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What makes Us Number One?

ERAZE was established on August 9th, 2014 by founders Georgia & Nate. The vision came about after a few years prior, Nate was searching for a clinic to have a tattoo removed himself but at the time, the best he could find on the Gold Coast was a guy working out of his kitchen in a small suburban unit using a cheap Chinese laser. No cooler used and no after care advice was given. The experience was far from great but it did make him decide that someone needed to get serious and do this professionally.

Nate has successfully removed his own fully filled 3/4 sleeve tattoo. We are proud to show you the finished result to give you confidence in his removal ability. He is also the only person at ERAZE that will treat you so you can be assured you are in safe, experienced hands.

Georgia started in the beauty industry in 1988 so laser just seemed like a natural progression in the right direction. When the two joined forces ERAZE transpired.

We strive to stay ahead in the laser industry, always keeping up to date with the latest, advanced technology. We work closely with our highly respected colleagues in America so we often notice that Australia is still just learning about some of the services we offer and the products we use. Our elite line up of world class medical equipment is a carefully acquired selection of the best the world has to offer in tattoo removal & skin treatment lasers.

We also have many years of extensive experience specialising in cosmetic mole removal and we have more before and after results than any other surrounding clinic. Our process is simple and the attention to detail from start to finish is unmatched.

You are in safe hands when you visit ERAZE.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve the best possible results.