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Treat large pores, early or superficial acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles.
Sublative skin rejuvenation of the face, eyelid, neck & decolletage using eTWO, the latest, advanced Sublative eMatrix technology.

What is eTWO Sublative eMatrix and why are we using it at Eraze?

eTWO Sublative EMatrix is an innovative medical device. Similar to “Fraxel” it uses fractional radio frequency (electrical) energy. Each pulse delivers the radio frequency energy via a grid of matrix spots, inducing skin injury which is maximised in these tiny, targeted areas, in a non-invasive manner in order to stimulate skin repair all the way through to the deeper layers. Those wanting to improve the appearance of fresh or superficial acne scars, minimise dilated pores or seeking a skin rejuvenation treatment will be pleased with the results and our expertise with the eMatrix technology.

Sublative EMatrix is a technology that has proven safety in all skin types including sensitive, fair skin as well as Asian, dark or black skin. Sublative EMatrix stimulates skin repair and improves overall skin texture and tone, achieving a healthier, more youthful glow. Pores become tighter, skin texture becomes firmer & smoother and acne scars improve significantly after treatment with Sublative eMatrix.

Areas of the body most suitable to eMatrix are the face, around the eyes, neck, chest and the back of the hands.

There is a lot of inaccurate information surrounding RF fractional skin resurfacing because in Australia, treatment using RF is not regulated by health authorities. Unfortunately this means any operator can buy an RF machine (even from eBay for less than $900) and start making claims on treatments. This can ruin the reputation of a great treatment modality and tarnishes the name of Fractional RadioFrequency.

When can you expect to see results?

A few days post treatment, you may notice tone and texture improvements as a result of increased levels of new, healthy skin cells and beneficial collagen which are produced as a result of the eMatrix treatment. With the procedure’s dermal impact, skin tone and texture is improved, mild to moderate wrinkles and superficial skin discolorations are reduced.

What the eTWO Sublative eMatrix treatments feel like and the side effects:

Treatments are 15 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. The treatment doesn’t necessarily require numbing cream however it certainly does make the treatment more comfortable If you wish to apply numbing cream please do so about half an hour before arriving for your treatment and we will remove it before commencing. It’s ok to take painkillers prior to the treatment if you wish just no asprin please.
During the treatment you will experience a short lasting hot and tingling sensation. After the treatment, the effect is similar to the feeling of sunburn which subsides within the following 4-12 hours. Expected side effects are redness and swelling after the procedure that lasts from hours to days, and occasionally even up to a week or beyond (relatively unusual). Normal skin care and make-up can be resumed the following day. Tiny crusts develop and are present for about 3 to 14 days, but these are easy to camouflage with makeup or even without it after the first day or so. Results will develop over time and with subsequent treatments. Full results can be appreciated at 3 to 6 months following the last treatment.

Depending on the severity of the condition, 3 to 6 sessions may be required. The regular interval between sessions is 4 to 6 weeks unless otherwise by the Eraze clinician. The improvement of the skin appears progressively within 12 weeks following the treatment however, most notice a significant visible improvement even a week or so after the treatment.

How long the improvement lasts

The reparative benefits of eMatrix are considered long lasting and permanent. Therefore, treatment of acne scars will not require to be repeated over time. Those being treated for anti aging and skin repair will also benefit from long lasting rejuvenation but may consider occasional touch up sessions for continued prevention as we continue to age.

Patients with pacemakers, internal defibrillators, or metal implants in the area of concern should not have these treatments. Patients who have diabetes, autoimmune disease, history of cold sores or have had injectable fillers in the area to be treated (need to wait one month after fillers) should let us know prior to having Sublative Rejuvenation.

Some facts on RF
  • Sublative fractional skin resurfacing with radiofrequency is not a laser treatment.

  • Unlike laser, fraction skin resurfacing using RF actually ‘spares’ the upper layers of skin.
  • Treatment is focused in the deep dermis, breaking down damaged skin cells, old scars and collagen
  • This treatment benefits skin texture, tone, can improve scarring and even stretch marks.
  • The brand of device is vital in performing correct treatments. Machines such as eTWO and eMatrix deliver consistent power which is essential for achieving results because collagen stimulation is achieved with controlled heating. Inconsistent power can cause adverse side effects and too little power will have no effect. 

  • A machine that cannot deliver power accurately or is substandard in power output the results will not be consistent. RF machines such as Max RF have inconsistent and very low power outputs. They do not work as well. Fresh or superficial acne scars respond best to RF. Late acne scars respond better to CO2 fractional laser resurfacing. Rolling, box scar and mixed scars do better with fractional radiofrequency. Combining modalities such as PicoWay laser with eMatrix will optimise results.

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