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Why Q Switch Laser Is Better Than PicoSure Laser For Tattoo Removal

Why Q Switch Laser is Better Than PicoSure Laser For Tattoo Removal

Since their advent, lasers are being used as an essential tool so as to enhance our daily life in numerous ways. Today, lasers are heavily relied upon in medical science also for various healing therapies. Apart from that, another useful application of lasers is to remove tattoos.

Recently PicoSure lasers entered the market promising better results for those who wish to get a laser tattoo removal. However, various alternatives like Q Switch lasers have now come up that promise better results than the over hyped PicoSure lasers.

Following are some reasons to ditch PicoSure lasers:

1. The Q Switch 1064 laser can reach the darkest and deepest inks in absolutely no time. It’s best known for removing blue and black inks. It can also use the wavelength 532 for removing shallow colours like red, yellow and brown.

2. Since PicoSure lasers only use one wavelength i.e. 755, therefore it’s unable to provide good results as this wavelength is unable to go deeper. This eventually forces you to attend more sessions making the tattoo removal treatment process, much heavier on your pocket.

Benefits of a Q Switch laser over the PicoSure laser can’t be ignored. They can remove the most stubborn inks in a matter of time and require fewer treatments than traditional lasers. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo removed, go for a Q Switch laser.